How do we find a healthy work/life balance? That’s a question many of us strive to answer in our daily lives. It’s no different for the people that Avenues’ serves, and at Avenues we have always worked towards helping our program participants answer that question.

In 2017, Avenues’ staff, Board of Directors, family members, and program participants collaborated to create an exciting renovation plan for our current Wheeling Center. This plan will ensure our day services exist in a relevant, modern and welcoming place to promote work, lifelong learning and social opportunities for 150 current and future participants. The renovated center will provide:

  • Instruction for employment readiness, computers, art, cooking, exercise, healthy lifestyles and more
  • Outings to enjoy what the community has to offer
  • A quality meeting place for our seniors
  • Programs for the next generation of clients who will need our services
  • Spaces and services to meet the physical needs of those who need more supports
  • Quiet relaxation rooms where someone can find a respite in the middle of the day

The plan for the Wheeling Center was approved by the Avenues Board of Directors, and renovations begin in 2018. We are excited that this plan will support the changing needs of the people we serve today and in the future, and will ensure an updated and welcoming place to explore friendships and what it means to find a healthy work/life balance.