Cindy - "Way Cool"

Super outgoing, full of energy, and a positive attitude are just a few words that describe Cindy. Even when Dominick’s closed its doors and she lost her job of 20 years, Cindy didn’t let it get her down. In fact, she has a new job she calls “way cool.”

Cindy was recently hired at NIMFA (Advance MyoTherapy & Pain, Inc.) in Park Ridge to clean and prepare the therapy rooms between client sessions four days a week. According to her job coach Calvin Keyes, her enthusiasm and work performance is very good.

That energy and passion extends to Cindy’s other activities – whether playing basketball with her Avenues “Wildcat” teammates, dancing and exercising to Zumba and Cheerobix, playing games on her tablet, participating in Avenues’ “Tuesday Night Friends” gatherings, or fulfilling her duties as an altar server at her family parish. Cindy even prepares gluten free meals at the Sasser Family House apartment she shares with Nora Prindiville and Mary Grace Powell. Cindy is definitely a “way cool” member of the Avenues’ family.