DeeDee & Jenny - "The Dynamic Duo"

Double the pleasure and double the fun! That’s what Avenues gets from having not one but two members of the family in our work and residential programs.

Meet siblings DeeDee and Jenny. DeeDee has been part of the Avenues family for 30 years, and lives at Herbst Family House in Park Ridge. Jenny became part of the Avenues family in 1998, and lives in one of our Niles townhomes. Despite living in different suburbs, Avenues staff members take them to visit each other, and a favorite pastime is having dinner together, playing games and watching movies. The girls also see each other every day at the work center in Wheeling. Jenny looks up to her older sister and likes talking to her about what’s going on at Avenues, “I like being part of the Avenues family cause it makes me feel good inside.” DeeDee calls Jenny “my sweet sister and I always stick up for her.” Despite having a lot in common – both like Harry Potter movies and bowling – they enjoy activities with their respective roommates. The girls admitted there is sometimes a little sibling rivalry –DeeDee bowled a high game of 146 to Jenny’s 127 – but they consider themselves “pretty close,” and we consider ourselves lucky to have both of them at Avenues.