"Kevin wants to be as independent as possible"

Ordering food at restaurants, preparing scrapbooks of mementos, writing notes and letters daily, making phone calls, and even posting pictures on his Facebook page; these are just a few of many ways Kevin expresses himself. Kevin also loves to dance and participate in sports - bowling is his favorite- and is so proud of the medals he wins at various activities through M-NASR (Maine –Niles Association of Special Recreation) that he wears them for weeks afterwards. And if you want to know where a particular movie is playing, or the latest local happenings, just ask Kevin. He stays on top of all current events. What makes all these accomplishments so remarkable is the fact that Kevin is deaf.

Part of the Avenues’ family for more than 15 years, Kevin shares a Niles townhome with three other deaf residents, and comes to the work center in Wheeling every day. Despite being close with his large family (including seven siblings), Kevin enjoys a special friendship with Kay, his best buddy and one of Avenues’ weekend staff members.

Kevin wants to be as independent as possible, and is currently busy planning an upcoming visit to family members in New Jersey later this year. He is researching where they will eat, stay, and even the directions they will take while traveling.

Kevin’s twin sister Eileen sums up his personality best. “Being deaf does not interfere with the hearing world getting to know Kevin” We couldn’t agree more.