Jevon Uses New Computer Skills to Connect with Chicago Bulls!

While assisting in the Recycling Avenue program at the work center in Wheeling, Jevon began to practice typing on one of the computers. At first, he could type only single words, but then he began to write full sentences. Now Jevon patiently types his own short stories and even letters to his girlfriend, using only his index finger. According to Jevon, working on the computer “is like I’m free….like I am out of jail.”

A big Chicago Bulls fan, Jevon decided to send them a “pep speech” letter when the Bulls needed a final victory to play in the finals. When he completed the letter, he was so proud to print it out and send it to them.

The Bulls responded by sending Jevon a 2011-2012 yearbook, and a personalized certificate to their No.1 fan – Jevon. Recycling Avenue Manager Kristin Beusse presented the package to an elated Jevon. According to Kristin, “I have never seen Jevon so happy and was thankful to capture this exciting moment for him.”

To understand just how much the Bulls and basketball means to Jevon is to know a little about his past. When he was four years old, Jevon was hit by a car while chasing a ball. Because of that incident, he is permanently in a wheelchair, but Jevon hasn’t let his disability thwart the “positive attitude and great joy he holds, “adds Kristin.

Jevon is a wonderful example of how the people of Avenues have put aside old ideas about what is possible. The Chicago Bulls think so, too.