When PJ earned his associates degree from Harper College in 2006, he naturally thought he would find employment, but he soon discovered there weren't many job opportunities for full or even part time work.  That changed when Recycling Avenue was born three years ago.  Since then, co-founder PJ helped recycle hundreds of used phones, computers, and monitors received from the bins Recycling Avenues has set up at local municipalities.

PJ feels a strong sense of accomplishment in his role of protecting the environment and being productive.  PJ is also proud of the nearly 2,000 household and electronic items they have sold on eBay throughout North America and overseas.  His goal is to improve their recycling and eBay services, yet maintain the same level of quality; "I want to keep the momentum going and improve upon it."  PJ especially likes the teamwork Recycling Avenues provides; "It's very collaborative, and I've made a lot of friends."

PJ takes the Pace bus from his home in Palatine to the Wheeling Work Center three days a week.  When not working, the die-hard White Sox fan enjoys all sports, movies ("Blues Brothers" is one of his favorites) and plays video games with good friend and co-founder Greg Campone, although he adds jokingly, "I always lose to him."  But in our book, PJ and the Recycling Avenue program at Avenues is a win-win situation!