Kevin - “Multi-Tasking Talent at Work Center"

Every Thursday at the work center Kevin works as receptionist in the front office; answering the phone, greeting visitors and checking for incoming messages on the computer. But every day during lunchtime and breaks, he also runs the store for the workers - doling out refreshments, collecting money, giving change and keeping track of the store inventor y. Plus he keeps tabs of the store inventory. Additionally, when Kevin works on packaging and assembly jobs at the work center, “he has a very good eye for detail,” according to his supervisor, Vocational Specialist Debbie Day. “He often works independently, and can do a lot of different jobs.”

Kevin has been active at the work center since 1989, and lives with his brother and mother in Mount Prospect. With his earnings, he likes to pay for his personal things himself, “I don’t think it’s fair if my mom pays for something but I use it.” Kevin displays that same sense of responsibility at the work center; often sharing articles from PC World Magazine that he feels will assist the staff. He also runs the virus scans on the office computers.

Kevin relaxes by watching television dramas and action movies, helping around the house, and not surprisingly, by thinking of more ways to help at the work center.