“Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail shall keep the postmen from their rounds,” as the saying goes, but it’s also true for Nora.

Nora, a volunteer worker at Avenues Thrift Shoppe, didn’t want to miss work when her parents were on vacation and couldn’t drive her to the store. Determined not to miss work, Nora walked over a mile – in the pouring rain - to the Thrift Shoppe. Surprised to see her, Manager Mike Frustini asked why she was there. Nora emphatically stated, “I’m not on vacation – I want to work!”

And work Nora does. In fact, she likes being at the Thrift Shoppe so much she would like to spend even more time there than her current three day a week schedule. “I have fun working; I have learned to be on time, and I like working with the other people,” Nora adds. She looks forward to the monthly pizza and birthday party Mike holds for all the Thrift Shoppe workers, but she also enjoys the responsibilities Mike has given her - organizing the children’s books, putting clothes and hangers away, and feeding the Thrift Shoppe parakeets Lola and Pedro. Nora also tells the customers to “have a good day.” Nora, a member of our residential program, likes to sing and dance (Annie is her favorite movie), and enjoys painting in Avenues art classes.

Recently, Nora’s parents returned to Florida on vacation, and when asked if she wanted to go with them, Nora shook her head and said, “No, I want to work.”