Advocacy Jeff's Way

“I was scared,” said Avenues’ Workcenter employee Jeff, when he discussed his call to Governor Quinn’s office. Scared or not, Jeff phoned Springfield to state his objection to the latest 15% cut to organizations serving people with developmental disabilities.

Jeff opposes these cuts, and the talk of future cuts, because they threaten the stability of his job. If the cuts continue, the amount of hours Jeff and his fellow employees work at our Wheeling facility could be reduced. Instead of getting his hours cut, Jeff wishes that he could have more. According to Jeff, the time spent at the workcenter is one of the best parts of his day, and Jeff has been part of Avenues’ family for 26 years.

“I like to work here,” is a statement Jeff says over and over, which is something not everyone can say about their job. Determined to make his voice heard, Jeff’s plan of action was to personally call Governor Quinn and let him know how the State’s actions would affect him and his co-workers. With a little help from staff members and family, Jeff did just that.

Another way Jeff makes his voice heard is through voting, but he knows it will take more then just his vote and call to make a difference. “I called,” Jeff declared but other people can speak out to their state officials too. Contacting Governor Quinn could help ensure that Jeff keeps the favorite part of his day.