David S. - "A Yarn About Giving"

Although his job at the Work Center means a great deal to him, especially operating the blister pack machine to heat seal I-PASS units, David has another strong passion. He loves to knit. It’s a passion that began more than eight years ago when he was 19, and a passion that was for the most part self-taught. “It’s a calling, his mother Susan explained, “and he’s very proud of what he does and he understands it’s important to give things.” As a result, David donates the scarves he knits.

Last year David challenged himself to knit 100 scarves (see adjacent picture) for the children at Green Bay Elementary School in North Chicago. It was important, according to David, “that they’re not cold this winter. “ David has made another commitment to knit 100 more scarves for next year, and is already working towards that goal – a goal that will take 200 days to fulfill since it takes an average of two days knit a scarf – but David is stitching on time!