Avenues to Independence supports adults with autism, cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome and other physical, intellectual and/or developmental disabilities so that they may live, work and learn in the most independent settings possible.  Here are few examples of great client success stories.

Cindy - Way Cool

Super outgoing, full of energy, and a positive attitude are just a few words that describe Cindy. Even when Dominick’s closed its doors and she lost her job of 20 years, Cindy didn't let it get her down. In fact, she has a new job she calls “way cool".

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Rick - Man in Motion!

Rick’s independent life with Avenues started when his parents first learned about Avenues through the school Rick attended - the Institute of Logopedics (now Heartspring), a leader in the treatment of speech and hearing disorders in Wichita, Kansas.

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David – A "Yarn" About Giving

Although his job at the Work Center means a great deal to him, especially operating the blister pack machine to heat seal I-PASS units, David has another strong passion.  He loves to knit. It’s a passion that began more than eight years ago when he was 19, and a passion that was for the most part self-taught.

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Charlie – Part of the Family for Over 33 Years

Charlie has been a part of the Avenues family for over 33 years, and in many ways he and members of the Avenues family have literally grown up together.  In fact, when Charlie left a large care facility to become an Avenues resident in 1980, Residential Director Floyd had just joined Avenues a year earlier.

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Kevin – Independent & Creative Communicator

Ordering food at restaurants, preparing scrapbooks of mementos, writing notes and letters daily, making phone calls, and even posting pictures on his Facebook page; these are just a few of many ways Kevin expresses himself.

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Jevon - Uses New Computer Skills to Connect with Chicago Bulls!

A big Chicago Bulls fan, Jevon decided to send them a “pep speech” letter when the Bulls needed a final victory to play in the finals. When he completed the letter, he was so proud to print it out and send it to them.  The Bulls responded by sending Jevon a 2011-2012 yearbook, and a personalized certificate to their No.1 fan – Jevon.

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Nora – "I want to work."

“Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail shall keep the postmen from their rounds,” as the saying goes, but it’s also true for Nora. Nora, a volunteer worker at Avenues Thrift Shoppe, didn’t want to miss work when her parents were on vacation and couldn’t drive her to the store. Determined not to miss work, Nora walked over a mile – in the pouring rain - to the Thrift Shoppe.

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Kevin – Multi-Tasking Talent at Work Center

Every Thursday at the work center Kevin works as receptionist in the front office; answering the phone, greeting visitors and checking for incoming messages on the computer. But every day during lunchtime and breaks, he also runs the store for the workers - doling out refreshments, collecting money, giving change and keeping track of the store inventor y. Plus he keeps tabs of the store inventory.

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DeeDee & Jenny – The Dynamic Duo

Double the pleasure and double the fun! That’s what Avenues gets from having not one but two members of the Dziedzic family in our work and residential programs. Meet siblings DeeDee and Jenny. DeeDee has been part of the Avenues family for 30 years, and lives at Herbst Family House in Park Ridge. Jenny became part of the Avenues family in 1998, and lives in one of our Niles townhomes.

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Jeff – Advocacy His Way

“I was scared,” said Avenues’ Workcenter employee Jeff, when he discussed his call to Governor Quinn’s office. Scared or not, Jeff phoned Springfield to state his objection to the latest 15% cut to organizations serving people with developmental disabilities.

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PJ – My Opportunity to Give Back

When PJ earned his associates degree from Harper College in 2006, he naturally thought he would find employment, but he soon discovered there weren't many job opportunities for full or even part time work. That changed when Recycling Avenue was born three years ago. Since then, co-founder PJ helped recycle hundreds of used phones, computers, and monitors received from the bins Recycling Avenues has set up at local municipalities.

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