The Home Based Support Services (HBSS) program is a fee-for-service program funded by the Illinois Department of Human Services. This program is tailored to meet individual's evolving needs and preferences for supports allowing them to continue living in their own home.

Individuals and their guardians may choose the particular approved HBSS services, up to a monthly dollar allotment set by the Illinois Department of Human Services, which best meets the needs of the individual. All services provided must be for the direct benefit of the individual and must be directly related to their disability.

Each individual enrolled in the HBSS program has the opportunity to receive Self-Direction Assistance (SDA) from a local provider such as Avenues. Avenues' staff assist individuals and families in arranging for, directing and managing their services. They also offer practical skills training and enable individuals to independently direct and manage their HBSS services and personal support workers. Assistance with coordination of billing and hours, to assure individuals receive the identified services their personal plan, is also provided.