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In the event of a worker injury, provide the needed level of care first, including but not limited to 911 emergency service if necessary.

The employee's direct supervisor must be immediately notified for any injury requiring medical care.

All workplace injuries requiring medical care must be documented using the ProSight Injury Reporting Forms (click the link to access this form).

For workplace injuries requiring time off from work for three consecutive days or more, also fill out the Illinois IC45 form.

Any injuries not requiring medical care can be documented on the internal Avenues Injury Report form. Injured employee must sign stating that they do not require medical care. If, at a later date, the employee decides to seek medical care, then an Injury Reporting Form needs to be completed and information forwarded to Prosight.

Managers and Administrators should have copies of the Avenues to Independence Workers Compensation Treatment Authorization that an employee can show as proof of workers compensation coverage. (click the link to access this form).

As soon as is practical, supervisors should contact a director level administrator for any injuries requiring outside medical care.

The Manager and Director of the injured employee are responsible for completing all forms.

The Manager and Director are also required to contact Prosight immediately or as soon as is practically possible with this information.

Prosight telephone number 1-800-774-2755; (press 1 to report a claim 24/7)
Prosight email:

Fill out as much information as you can on the Injury Reporting Form

You must fill out and will need specific information, ie employee name, home address, phone, social, date of birth, date of hire and injury information.

If possible have the employee available to provide his/her personal info. Any info that is not available can be provided later as needed.

At the bottom of the Form, write down the date and time of the phone call.

When calling by phone, make sure to get a case number. Put the case number next to the date and time of your call.

Prosight will send a verification letter to HR at the main office. After calling the information in, seal and send all forms to the Avenues main office.


Report all non-severe claims within 24 hours

Report all severe claims (ER, medical center) immediately

Prosight Specialty Insurance Claims Department
412 Mt. Kemble Avenue Suite 300C
Morristown, New Jersey, 07960

1-800-774-2755 phone;

1-855-657-3534 fax;

email-claims at

For non-emergency medical care, employees at the Avenues Des Plaines, Chicago and Park Ridge locations can use: Concentra, 8125 River Drive, Morton Grove, Illinois, 60053; 847-470-1720. Office hours are Monday thru Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

There is also a Concentra Clinic at 1830 Jarvis in Elk Grove, 847-952-1180 that is open M-F from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Click to locate other approved care locations near Park Ridge (enter zip code, then choose Occupational Health)

Employees near the Avenues Wheeling location can use: Concentra, 544 W. Dundee, Wheeling, Illinois, 60090; 847-419-6974. Office hours are Monday-Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 10;00 p.m..

Click to locate other approved care locations near Wheeling (enter zip code, then choose Occupational Health)

Employees in need of non-emergency medical treatment for a work related injury when the Concentra clinics are closed, should seek treatment at any 24 hour medical clinic or the nearest hospital or other treatment center.

Employees in need of work related, immediate emergency medical care should call 911 or seek treatment at the nearest hospital emergency room.

Employees are also able to use any office approved by Prosight for initial or follow up treatment.

If necessary, please contact the Avenues office for referrals to additional medical providers.

Required Official Notice to Employees from the State of Illinois regarding Workers Compensation (PDF)


Illinois Industrial Commission Handbook on Worker's Compensation and Occupational Diseases (PDF)



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