The William & Jean Knaack Spirit of Avenues Award is given to individuals who are passionate about Avenues and the ideal of putting aside old ideas about what is possible. The volunteer, donor, family or staff member embraces all that Avenues stands for and provides continued service to the people it serves.

To celebrate the Knaack’s legacy and in honor of the 65th anniversary of Avenues to Independence, the Spirit of Avenues Award was renamed in 2018.

William Knaack is known affectionately as the founder of Avenues to Independence. William, A Park Ridge postman, saw children with developmental disabilities sitting at home as he delivered mail in the neighborhood. Concerned there were no classes for these children at the schools their sisters and brothers attended, William knew something had to be done.

So with the help of other parents, friends and neighbors he changed lives. In 1953, his daughter Valerie, and nine other children with developmental disabilities started classes at the First United Methodist Church of Park Ridge. It was the best delivery William ever made. Decades later, Avenues to Independence is still delivering on William’s promise to put aside old ideas about what is possible.

2019 Recipient

2019 Paul Carlisle, President of the Avenues Foundation Board

Paul Carlisle, President of the Avenues Foundation Board, was presented with the second annual William and Jean Knaack Spirit of Avenues award at the 2019 Annual Dinner. Paul has made many contributions to Avenues including being a founding member of the Chicago Partnership Board. He has been a part of Avenues for nearly two decades. The award honors William & Jean Knaack, founders of the organization, who paved the way for individuals with disabilities to truly be a part of a community. Paul was presented the award by Elaine Hodgson the daughter of William and Jean Knaack. Elaine Hodgson was presented the first William & Jean Knaack.

Past Recipients