Avenues has supported adults with developmental disabilities for more than 58 years, and we intend to continue that support for the next 58 years and even longer.

We’re proud that we’ve served some program participants for nearly 40 years. They’ve grown up with Avenues, and through the years have been part of our vocational or residential programs. At the same time, we’re supporting many young adults in their 20’s and 30’s – young adults who hope to be part of Avenues’ family for many years.

A secure future for these adults is ensured with the help of generous supporters and through our governing board. The opportunity to live in the community, among family and friends, is a wonderful legacy from our donors, who have given generously to ensure that Avenues continues to thrive.

Planned Giving Through the Sasser Society

Members of the Sasser Family were honored at the Sasser Society Dinner and Reception in May, 2012

Ensuring the future of the people we serve was our goal when we established the Avenues Foundation in 1991. To continue that goal, we established the Heritage Society in 2001 to recognize and honor donors whose future gifts will secure continued opportunities for people with intellectual, physical, and developmental disabilities. In 2012, the Heritage Sociey was renamed the Sasser Society for the their philantropy that has spanned three generations.

Avenues Sasser Society includes friends who have committed to our future with a provision in their estate plans. For many, it’s an opportunity for charitable giving they may not be able to make during their lifetime.

Through your planned giving, you will be helping the men and women Avenues’ serves for many decades to come.
There are many types of planned giving, and listed below is a brief description of the most popular methods:

  • Bequest – A bequest is the simplest type of planned gift, and one of the easiest to implement. Included in a will or trust, a donor leaves specific assets (fine art, estate jewelry), specific dollar amounts, or a percentage of an asset (I bequest 50% of residue of my estate…) Avenues can be made a beneficiary designation in your IRA or other retirement plan, life insurance policy, and bank or brokerage account.
  • Gift Annuity – A charitable gift annuity (CGA) is a contract between a donor and Avenues. A donor gives cash or appreciated property to Avenues. In exchange, Avenues makes guaranteed fixed payments for the lifetime(s) of one or two individuals.
  • Charitable Remainder Trust – A donor transfers cash or appreciated property to the CRT (charitable remainder trust) The CRT is a tax-exempt trust that can sell the appreciated property without paying capital gains tax.
  • Charitable Lead Trust – A donor contributes property or cash to a trust that will make distributions to Avenues for a specified term and ultimately distribute the property to the donor’s family or return it to the donor. Unlike a charitable remainder trust, a CLT (charitable lead trust) is a taxable trust. Each year the CLT will report its income and then take a deduction for the amount that it distributes to Avenues; any excess is subject to tax.
  • Life Estate Reserved – Avenues accepts a gift of property – usually a personal residence- and the donor retains the right to use the property for his or her lifetime.
  • Bargain Sale – Avenues purchases property at a “bargain price” (less than fair market value) or agrees to accept a gift of mortgaged property.

If you have provided for Avenues in your will or estate plan, and are interested in becoming a member of the Sasser Society, please give us a call. We would be pleased to discuss the many ways you can develop a personally rewarding charitable gift that will support Avenues into the future. To view the Sasser Society brochure with more information please click here. To become a member of the Sasser Society please contact Stacie Cragg at 847-292-0870, ext. 1121, or email: cragg@avenuestoindependence.org.

Click here to view photos from past Sasser Society events.