Contributions of needed items are always welcome. Office and home furnishings; printing of Avenues newsletters and reports, industrial and hand tools, computers and other needed equipment, clothing, food, gift certificates, and tickets to recreational events are examples of in-kind gifts that are utilized within the Avenues programs.



“Wish List” items for our Homes: “Wish List” for our Work Center & Offices:
  • Bag-less vacuum cleaners
  • Commercial pots and pans
  • Two large freezers
  • New outdoor grills
  • New bath towel sets
  • New standard size bed pillows
  • Twin-size bedding sets
  • New small kitchen appliances: Microwaves, toasters, blenders
  • Sets of dishes and silverware
  • Small kitchen table and chairs
  • New window treatments
  • Pots and pans
  • Twin sized bedroom furniture
  • Forklift truck for the work center
  • 8 ½ x 11 size paper laminator
  • Canvas boards 10 x 12 or larger for art classes
  • Frames for canvas artwork (10 x 12)
  • Drawing paper
  • Acrylic paints, watercolors & oil pastels
  • Paintbrushes
  • Modeling clay
  • New flat screen computer monitors
  • New color laser printer
  • Adobe Acrobat software
  • New DVD player
  • New flat screen monitor for conference room
  • Carpeting for office area and board room

Individuals, civic groups, church groups and other organizations have targeted all or some of the various needs within Avenues. For example, a group may wish to fund 10 individuals for recreational needs during the year, for a total of $1,000. Contributions for any variety and/or portions of the identified needs can be provided.

For more information, please contact Vice President of Development Michele Shoolin at 847-292-0870, ext. 116, or email: