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Posted by Avenues in News on 4/29/2020

Thanks to everyone who has expressed concerns for the folks of Avenues during the current COVID-19 outbreak. Through the work of our direct care and other staff, Avenues has weathered the first wave of this pandemic. The residents and staff who had tested positive three weeks ago have completed their quarantine periods; no additional symptoms have arisen and we are keeping our fingers crossed that the worse is over.

On April 23rd, Governor Pritzker extended the “Shelter in Place” order through the end of May. A statewide face-covering mandate is in place and we are fortunate that all residents and staff have been issued cloth masks made by board members and other volunteers. Within the group homes, mask and sanitizer use is required by all. Same with the skeleton staff that Ron has in place at the Wheeling Center for Independence.

However, we do continue to seek N95 masks and hand sanitizer. These are in short supply and it will be important for us to establish a supply as it is not known when this crisis is expected to end.

The coverage of Avenues on WTTW and WGN has been well received. Many emails and other communications have come in expressing great regard for the work of Avenues staff. Most have remarked how Linda is an example of Direct Support Staff statewide who have stepped up to meet the needs of our folks with disabilities.

It was the quick response of Avenues staff to protect the well-being of our residents that definitely helped to slow the spread of the Coronavirus. While we must continue to be vigilant, discussions are now taking place on how we can begin to unwind once the shelter in place orders begins to be lifted. In particular, the Avenues Day Programs and Thrift Shop are looking at ways to resume some aspects of their operations. All will be done in accordance with Public Health distancing and other guidelines. We will keep everyone informed as to when individuals will be able to begin participating once again.

The show of support from the friends and families of Avenues has been amazing. Your concern is greatly appreciated and is very much needed during this crisis.

As our friend Joe Herbst says, “We did this together”. Together, we are better and with your continued support, we will get through these challenging times. Thank you.


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