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Posted by Avenues in News on 8/14/2018

Vine Street BBQ returns for its second Park Ridge competition Saturday, Aug. 18, planned for noon to 10 p.m.

It’s moving to its namesake location for the first time.

This year the cooking will be located around Hodges Park, bounded by Vine Street, Courtland, Prospect and Butler Place with some activities in an adjacent block.

Winners are expected to be announced about 6 p.m.

Part of the fun is visiting the competition area to savor the heady aromas. Due to city health regulations, entrants (who are not licensed by the city) can’t serve to the public. The authorized judges from the Kansas City Barbeque Society are the exception.

However, licensed vendors will sell and serve food in a separate area.

In addition to prizes for top teams and their signature ribs, beef, chicken and sauces, a new Park Ridge category will be judged based on entrant addresses.

Jamie Rubin, one of last year’s founding members, reports the move to Vine Street from last year’s library parking lot has allowed them to double the competition to 40 teams.

The organizing team includes Rubin, Jamie Rafferty, Joe Kontuly (all residents of the real Vine Street) and Brian Chaplin, all returning from last year.

A number of vendors will sell refreshments. Two (Earl’s BBQ and Pork Chop) will feature barbeque dishes, “Toasty Cheese” has a variety of grilled cheese dishes, and Twisted Tree will sell pizzas. Dairy Queen, Beaver’s Doughnuts and Clyde’s Hot Dogs will have booths. Holt’s will sell beverages.

Tito’s is serving as the main sponsor.

After costs are covered, all the proceeds will be split between three local charities: Maine Township Food Pantry, Avenues for Independence, and Bear Necessities.

Competitors listed on the website include these 2018 teams:

Global Warming; Grill-A-Boar Fare; Pork Ridge Country Smokers; Pig Floyd; Meat Street; It’s Time For The Porkulator; The Dirty Ribs; R Family BBQ; Dead Meat; Rub Me Tender.

Also: Smokin’ Avenues; Brass Monkey BBQ; Sweet Cleaver Barbecue; Ozark Heat BBQ; VMG BBQ; Pork Dorks; Bacon and Hockey Podcast; Two Blind Pigs; Bubba’s Last Stand.

Also: Pitty Que; De La ’Que; The Meat Sweats; Big Bad Wolves; Golden Smoke BBQ; HillTop Smokers; Big Smokers; DPQ; Uncle Mikes; Pork-tugal;  The Man; Aporkalypse; Shae Hog; Meat Heads and Knuckle Draggers.

Also: Smokin’ Barrels; Whiskey Nick BBQ; T.J.D. Smokehouse; Smoke House Rock!; Mouth 2 Mouth; McHales Old No. 7; Sarsany’s BBQ; Soon To Be Sauced.

Article by Anne Lunde of Journal & Topics


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