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Avenues provides jobs, homes and community living opportunities for adults with intellectual, physical, and developmental disabilities in the metropolitan Chicago area. Individuals must be at least 18 years of age to receive services, however, we have no upper age restrictions.

People served by Avenues are encouraged to live, work and make use of as many regular community services as they can. As employees and residents of a community, they pay taxes and purchase goods and services. In this way, they are part of the local economy, ultimately helping to pay for the support they need to gain independence.

Our Homes & Services

Currently, we support individuals who live in apartments, townhomes and single family dwellings. The amount of staff support residents receive is dependent upon individual needs. Some residents might require round-the-clock care, while others might only need a short, daily check-in.

Working for Independence

Our work programs provide opportunities to meet the needs of workers who have varying abilities. Currently, we support 150 individuals at our work center and 60 people in community employment. Our work center provides experience in real factory situations where employees learn important work skills and socially acceptable work habits. Work is provided by contracts procured from local businesses and industries.

People employed in the community receive on-the-job training and support services from Avenues staff members. They are employed in a variety of settings including food service, retail, factory and office. Some of our employers include Jewel, Dominick’s, McDonald’s, Barnaby’s Restaurant, Culver’s, Larry Roesch VW, Maine East High School, FedEx, and Niles Fitness Center.

The community provides many opportunities for social and leisure opportunities. We teach participants how to use public transportation so they can get to work, shopping, movies, restaurants and the local recreation center. Avenues volunteers and staff members also make sure that opportunities for social gatherings and field trips are provided on weekends as well as in the evenings, after work.

One of our most recent programs is for seniors. More than one-third of the people we serve are 50 years of age or older. At their request, we have developed special programs that offer leisure and social opportunities as alternatives to work.