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On Sunday April 23, more than 50 families joined the Avenues staff members at the Paula Hassell O’Connor Community Center in Park Ridge to learn about the state of the organization.  The focus of this year’s family meeting was the Top 10 reasons to be grateful for Avenues to Independence.  Guests heard from staff and board members explaining how current and new programs are being implemented and how these programs will enhance their family member’s experience at Avenues.

Speakers also talked about the many great Avenues’ events held throughout the year. Avenues is reliant on these events to raise the necessary funds for programs that enable participants to be as independent as possible.  Bob Okazaki, President and CEO of Avenues, explained that despite the budget crisis in Illinois, Avenues is still financially sound and at this time, no services or programs have been eliminated by the State of Illinois’ revenue woes.  That has happened thanks to the support of our families and donors.  Our success depends on everyone’s financial support.     

Here are the Top 10 reason to be grateful for Avenues to Independence:

  1. A life-long commitment to the people we serve
  2. Avenues is a family
  3. Leadership in Illinois
  4. Financial stability
  5. Staff
  6. Innovative programs
  7. Quality and engaged leadership
  8. Really Good Fundraising
  9. Success and growth of the Sasser Society
  10. Avenues puts aside old ideas about what is possible


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